Thursday, December 1, 2022

November Reading Wrap-Up

Thanksgiving, Fall, Pumpkin, Flowers

November was beautiful weatherwise.  We did get some snow, but it melted.  And then we got some more snow and now the ground is covered in white and it is starting to look a lot like Christmas.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving and then the following day, I got the Christmas decorations out.  The tree is up, the village is in place and the wreath is on the door.  Now I can sit back with a good book and enjoy the twinkling lights.  

In November I read 8 books.  Here's the breakdown:

Mystery: 4
Suspense: 2
Classic: 1
Contemporary Women's Fiction: 1


This Side of Murder (Verity Kent, #1)


This Side of Murder (Verity Kent #1) by Anna Lee Huber

A Christmas Candy Killing

A Christmas Candy Killing (Killer Chocolate #1) by Christina Romeril

Castle Deadly, Castle Deep (A Dinner and a Murder Mystery, #2)

Castle Deadly, Castle Deep (A Dinner and a Murder Mystery #2) by Veronica Bond

Her Royal Spyness (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #1)

Her Royal Spyness (Her Royal Spyness #1) by Rhys Bowen (review coming soon)


Sundown (Sky King Ranch, #3)

Sundown (Sky King Ranch #3) by Susan May Warren

Hostile Intent

Hostile Intent (Danger Never Sleeps #4) by Lynette Eason


The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia, #7)

The Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia #7) by C. S. Lewis

Contemporary Women's Fiction:

A Seaside Wonder (Muir Harbor #2)

A Seaside Wonder (Muir Harbor #2) by Melissa Tagg (review coming soon)

In this month that we celebrate Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for all of you!  I hope you all had a great November.

~ Gretchen

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  1. I read The Last Battle for the first time in 2022. A very complex story, I thought.

    1. I thought so too, Deb. This was my first time reading it all the way through too.

  2. I look forward to your review of Her Royal Spyness, Gretchen.

  3. Nice November for you. Now I need to get my decorations up. We had company for Thanksgiving so I didn't want to do it until they had returned home. We've had some rest time, so now we need to get busy. I'm sure northern NM has had snow, but we are just getting wind in OK. (lghiggins)

    1. I always enjoy the Christmas decorations once they are up, it is the putting them up that isn't as enjoyable. This year my youngest son came over to help and that made it much more enjoyable.

  4. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, Gretchen! Sounds wonderful to be sitting inside on those long winter evenings with a good book and the lights twinkling on the tree. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Andrew! It is pleasant for a few nights, then I am ready for warmer weather .

  5. Looks like you had a strong reading month. I read your review of Hostile Intent and it sounds really good. I noticed you have it tagged as Christian fiction. I'm curious, how do you define Christian fiction? Thanks so much for stopping by my wrap up post.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

    1. Hi Terrie - I'm not sure if this is the official definition of Christian Fiction, but for me it means there is going to be a definite faith thread in the story. The characters will change and grow in their faith in the course of the story. Characters will often pray and discuss or wrestle with faith issues. And, as a general rule, there is romance, but the characters will not engage in sex before marriage, no graphic violence and no profanity. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I think it is THE BEST to sit back and read as the decoration delights - great reading month!!!

    1. That is my favorite part of the decorations 🙂🎄.

  7. Looks like a great reading month. Hope December is a great one for you as well.

  8. Congrats on a great reading month! It sounds so wonderfully relaxing. Happy reading in December!