Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Bookworm's Tag: #BookTagTuesday


I was tagged by Kathy @katiescottagebooks.wordpress.com.  Thanks Kathy! 

The Rules:

*Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.

*Include the tag graphic in your post.

*Answer the ten questions the blogger asked.

*Nominate between five and ten bloggers.

*Ask your nominees ten book-related questions!

*Don't feel bound to these rules.

*(Most importantly) Have fun!


1.) Have you ever read a book that kept you awake at night with a light on? What was the title of the book?

I have a hard time staying awake past my bedtime regardless of how good a book is!  

2.) Have you read a book that made you jump and toss the book in the air? What was the title of the book?

Hmm..., I don't recall having that reaction to a book.  But, when I was in high school I was working at a dry cleaner and was in the store by myself.  During down times I was reading Misery by Stephen King.  That was not the best book to read alone in a large dry cleaning store.  That was also the last horror book I read.  

3.) How many bookmarks do you own?

Maybe around 20.  When my kids were small they would make me bookmarks.  I have kept many of those.  Often they contained a little note to me.  It is so sweet to read them now that they are all grown up.  I also have some that I have made.  These are paper bookmarks usually with stamped designs on them.  And I have bookmarks that others have made for me.  The one I use in the current book I am reading was crocheted by my mom.  

4.) Do you have a little free library in your area? Did you ever get a book from said library, read it and enjoy it thoroughly?

I have several Little Free Libraries on my walking routes.  I usually only take books from them that I know I want to read.  I have enjoyed most of them.

5.) What was the name of the last book you read, that excited you so much, you still talk about it?

God's Hotel by Victoria Sweet

6.) Did an antagonist ever cause you to rant and rave? Who?

I don't recall a particular one.

7.) Has there been a character who caused you to cry out in disbelief? Who?

That is a really good question.  I wish I could think of someone.

8.) Do you have a favorite animal in a book you’ve read? Who and what book?

I loved Tricki Woo in the All Creatures Great and Small series by James Herriot.  I also liked Misty in Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.

9.) Do you enjoy romantic comedy?

Occasionally.  Especially after a heavy book.

10.) Favorite non-fiction?

ESV New Inductive Study Bible.

I also like memoirs.  A couple of favorites from the last couple of years are God's Hotel by Victoria Sweet and Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan.

Well, there you have it.

I am choosing to not be bound by the rules by not tagging anyone.  However, if you think it would be fun to answer these questions, consider yourself tagged!