Saturday, May 30, 2020

May Reading Wrap-Up

May is such a beautiful month!  The weather is becoming pleasant and the flowers are blooming.  Bleeding Hearts, Crab Apples and Lilacs are some of my favorites.  The air is heavy with their scent and the birds sing so joyfully every morning.  The weather is finally warm enough to put out pots of annuals.

In the month of May I read six books.  We spent a lot of time away from home with relatives after losing my father-in-law at the end of April.  As much as I love to read and I would even say need to read, spending time with those I love was just much more important.  

Here are the genres I read from:

Non-fiction:  4
Classic:  1
Historical fiction:  1

My favorite book from the month was:

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
On Writing  by Stephen King

I am looking forward to reading more fiction in June.  

How was your May?

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