Thursday, March 26, 2020

My Safer At Home Reading Stack

As of yesterday morning, our state is under a Safer-At-Home Order.  I am so thankful my husband suggested we venture out to the library last week.  It turned out we chose the right night to go.  While I was collecting books to check out, my husband asked a library employee if there was any word on them closing due to the virus.  The employee said they had just received word that they would be open for one more hour and then closed until April 6th!  My leisurely stroll through the library turned into a frenzied search for books that I might want to read over the next several weeks.  As it stands now, they won't be opening until April 24th.  Considering that I have already finished a few of these, my pile is looking a little small.  But, that will be the perfect time to read books from my own shelves.  

Our daily lives have not changed much.  My husband does a job that is considered essential so he is working each day.  We are thankful for that.  I am continuing to do what I do every day - cooking, cleaning, caring for our home, working on our online selling business, keeping in touch with family, reading and teaching.  I co-teach a homeschool high school class and we were able to meet virtually.
Today the sun is shining and it feels like spring.  I am thankful that we can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I hope you are staying well!

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