Monday, March 9, 2020

Book Review: The Fifth Avenue Story Society by Rachel Hauck

The Fifth Avenue Story Society

The Fifth Avenue Story Society
Author:  Rachel Hauck
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson (2020)
400 pages
Genre:  Inspirational Contemporary Fiction

Five people receive an invitation to The Fifth Avenue Story Society.  All five decide to attend, even though not one of them is sure who sent them the invitation, who will be there or what to expect when they arrive.  One man knows two of the invitees, the others are strangers.  Each one is struggling with something from their past that is impacting the present, however this is not discovered until much later. 

Jett is a divorced literature professor who has written a book and is in the process of writing a dissertation.

Lexa works for restaurant start-up.  She feels she keeps the company running and should be named its CEO.  She was married to Jett.

Coral is owner and CEO of a cosmetics company started by her great-grandmother.  She is also a celebrity who recently was in the news for leaving the prince of Lauchtenland at the altar.

Ed is a widower with one daughter who is attempting to write a memoir of his wonderful marriage.

Chuck is an Uber driver, who discovered his wife was having an affair.  They have young twins who Chuck is not allowed to see.

What an interesting story concept this is!  I will not soon forget the characters.  Each one has much depth and are people I would like to know.  Of course, each one has flaws, but that is what makes the story interesting.  Each one makes the commitment to continue coming to the Story Society meetings each week even though they are not really sure why they are meeting.  As they continue to meet and become friends, they help one another work out issues in their lives.  Soon they are coming because they enjoy spending time with each other.  It is a hope filled story that will stick with me.

Some of the themes are friendship, dealing with the past, faithfulness, forgiveness, and family.  I highly recommend it.

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