Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare

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The Winter's Tale
Author:  William Shakespeare
A fully dramatized recording by Arkangel (2007)

On my reading list for 2020 is a play by Shakespeare.  I chose The Winter's Tale because The Literary Life Podcast will be discussing this play soon.  I decided to listen to an audio version of the play, but also use a written version along with the audio.  The audio version I chose was the dramatized recording from Arkangel.  This was very easy to listen to.  I have tried other dramatized versions that were difficult to listen to because there was too much going on at once.  The Arkangel version generally had just one person speaking at a time.  Sometimes there was background music, but it didn't distract from the dialogue.  Before beginning the audio version, I read the cast list and opening scene from the written version.  This familiarized me with the setting and the characters and the general direction of the play.  Then I would listen to the audio.  After listening to a portion I would sometimes go back to the written version and read parts or get clarification if I was confused about who was speaking or what was happening.  This worked really well for me.  I was able to follow the characters and the story without much trouble.  

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